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London Mid Surrey Times And General Advertiser (Newspaper) - January 12, , London, Middlesex 4 SATURDAY, JANUARY 12, FUßLIG NOTICES. Ouyang domhain Jie nóiméad cabhrú snorted agus dúirt:! "Bhuel, Karl sin ní gá duit a dhéanamh fuss Lig do dhaoine a fheiceáil ar an joke, an tUasal Neville !. E. Hi Neville ' ¿Trin. .. Proprietor and Manager, WILL BB OPENED TO THE FUßLIG OX MONDAY NEXT, JUNE 20 Aa ft First"^l3ss Rcsidcntisl Hotel with all the. Arter has not been a member of the Metropolitan Board of Works, the Vestry, or any other local body, and is entirely untrammelled and un- Eledged to support any particular policy or party. Jubal Webb, who said he was infavour of the taxingof the ground-rants, although it had nothing to do with the County Council. Then it came to our turn, and the result of this action media at home köpenick most satisfactory. Of the wranglers no fewer than nine obtained their early education in London schools, and one of the most notable of these is Mr. McDonald Gir-tonC.

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Arter and his antecedents he did not think they could secure a better man. In all contracts under the Council, provision should be made to prevent sub-letting, and, therefore, secure to labour its full share of the outlay, to aid in rooting out the sweating. Laxton has resided for a very long. House George West S. He is a Life Governor and is on the Bi? General Alexander Low, C. Colonel Niciholson and Mr. The payment of excessive salaries and pensions should be opposed. The prisoner resisted being taken into custody and struggled violently. Hammersmith ought not to be amalgamated with any neighbouring borough ; it is important enough to stand alone, having a population of , George Armitage, 48a, Kang CrosB-atreet, rhill furnisher,: Bush, missionary to omnibus men, who spoke of the evil effects of intemperance, and urged upon those present not only to become abstainers, but to accept the Lord Jesus Christ as their own personal Saviour. Kveryovly he asked previoji He thought the County Council ought to have power- to elect officers, and, in addition to that, fix their salaries. Seaman, Little, 'and Co. Kveryovly he asked previoji They foiind that there was a conspiracy against them. Doyle, Robert, Dcvonshiic-chambers, Bishopeiate, City, accountant, June lU. The Act aught to have transferred to the new Council the School Board, and the System of Poor Law Relief. Donova,n, confirmed as midshiprhan, ApriM, Bcresford resigns his commission. First Prev 1 2 Next Last.

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